To empower ourselves with the word of God; take our supplications to the Lord in prayers and fasting. (… “ *If there’s a man to pray, then there’s a God to answer* ”)

To foster this group’s objective, here are the Dos & Don’ts …

– *Relevant Posts Only:* All posts must be relevant to the topic at that point in time and related to the group’s objectives.

– *English Language:* All posts should be in English only or subtitle your posts in English so that every member can understand.

– *Respect:* Everyone must talk respectfully to other members.

– *Time:* Pls understand and value each other’s time by posting during normal/reasonable hours and not odd hours while people are sleeping.

– *Unsolicited Posts:* No any unsolicited posts is allowed in this group such as politics, sports, immigration, advert, etc

– *Irrelevant Content:* No jokes, no chit chat and casual/small talk, no excessive personal greetings, etc.

– *No Arguments:* Pls do not argue with each other on this group.

– *No Stalking of Any Member:* Pls all members are requested to refrain from bothering group members personally.